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Have fun – making ordinary things EXTRAordinary!


Make your own creations with the e-mark create – be it scrapbooking, journals, greeting cards, cake toppers, or your own jewelry. There are no limits to your creativity – just make it!


Better organise your home or workplace by sorting and labeling shelves, preserve jars, lunch boxes, tools or materials in a garage. Either print directly on your items or use our label sheets!


It’s time to celebrate! There is always something coming up: birthdays, christmas, easter, weddings,… The e-mark create helps to make beautiful invitations, decorations and even to personalise your gifts. Prepare everything ahead to make the day very special – napkins with names of guests, wristbands with a personal message, customised decorations and much more.


You love to give everything a personal touch? We do too! With the e-mark create it’s so easy to make your own designs and print them on wrapping paper, ribbons, little gifts or other personal items. It’s never been so easy to personalise your homemade creations or items for your loved ones!

playing & motivating

The e-mark create is also perfect for parents, teachers, child carers AND the kids will love the e-mark create as well! Print on their T-shirts, make wristbands for birthday parties or school trips, use it for grading and motivating your students or just make items at home more colourful!


Upgrade your T-shirts, baseball caps or other garments with cool icons or messages you always wanted to share; label your beloved gagets to make them nicer or protect them from getting lost.

Watch a collection of Use Cases here